Saturday the 26th - -

Make sure you have the following software installed:

Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Access 2010

If you do not have Microsoft Access 2010 you might want to consider to use Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime. You can download Microsoft Access 2010 runtime here.

Make sure you are using a 64 bits OS like windows 7 and a 32 bits installation of Microsoft Office. Syl has known problems using a 32 bits version of Windows 7.

After you have downloaded sylsetup.msi just execute it. You will get an Open File warning that the publisher of the software could not be verified. Just ignore this warning and press Run.  Please read the license agreement and select a directory to install Syl. Later in the installation process you will get another warning regarding User Account Control. Just ignore this warning too.

After this message, Syl will be installed and you can use the Syl Template from the start menu.