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  • Syl

  • Structure your language

  • Use Microsoft Word to create your document?

  • Use Syl to make your documents more consistent!

  • Display glossary definitions in a popup window.

The not sorted wish list for future releases:

  • Properly add synonyms in the descriptions added in the EndNotes.
  • Export the phrases and instances to OWL, so you can open it with protege.
  • Make sure the template version is the same as the database version.
  • Convert databases from one version to another.
  • What to do with Antonyms?
  • Finish the manual
  • Create an installation manual
  • Adding support for writing fact types
  • Adding support for writing facts
  • Adding support for writing rules
  • Add screens/forms to the access database to manipulate the database.
  • Add functionality for recognizing forbidden phrases, mark them and add a comment.
  • Connect to online dictionaries for definitions of terms (