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Nowadays businesses are required to deliver high quality products and services. Delivering high quality products and services requires improvements in all areas. Improvements are needed in areas like design, production and customer services. In all areas information systems are used to standardize the processes and improve the quality of the products and services.

Businesses use a lot of documents to design and deliver those products, services and information systems.  While designing products, services and information systems lot's of specification documents are created. While delivering products and services businesses create request for proposals, contracts, manuals and documents with policies and business rules. These days creating a document is a very tedious process. It is hard to create consistent and precise documents. Everybody knows that creating precise documents is difficult and that word processors will not support help you. Most important for consistency in documents are the terms used. Terms need to be consistently used and defined in a glossary.

Syl enables you to create consistent documents for your business. Syl support you in defining your terms and maintaining a glossary of terms. Also synonyms can be defined for terms. 

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